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Virto is the future in personal transport, here now to take you quickly and safely to where you need or want to be – around the factory, the warehouse, the resort, the expo or event site, the sports facility or the shopping centre – virtually anywhere.

3-wheels. Front-wheel drive. Fully engineered suspension. Stable platform.

Over-ground, underground or indoors the electric Virto is ideal because there are:

  • no emissions
  • virtually silent
  • highly manoueuvrable
  • safe and simple to operate



Why Choose Virto?


Just step on board, turn Virto on, release the parking brake, twist the ‘throttle’ and go! Hydraulic disc brakes easily and reliably bring you to a stop and there’s even ‘reverse’ to get you out of those dead ends, plus a direct acting parking brake for added peace of mind!


With its 3-wheel design Virto is a safe and stable platform. Virto is quality-built in Holland and includes lights, indicators, mirrors and horn.


  • Virto saves valuable time – for inspections, for delivering or collecting small packages, for directing traffic or operations – and much more only limited by need and imagination.
  • Virto is fast and easy to use, smooth, quiet and zero emissions
  • A high eyeline gives you excellent visibility over what’s coming and what’s going on, while also giving the operator standout presence – valuable in security and traffic control applications.
  • Optional 1, 2 or 3 battery packs, fast re-charging and excellent operating range* that can be extended even further with Eco-mode
  • Low running and maintenance costs



The classic and original Virto, smoothly styled to deliver smart looks, presence and professional presentation when it counts. Wraps and custom presentation available to build branding and maximise promotions. Lockable small parcel compartment.

Virto S

The choice where function, fun and economy are the priorities. A rugged ‘naked’ format with an open compartment – just throw your cargo or kit in and get going no fuss. Easily wrapped or changed over side panels are ideal for branding and special events. And a headstock that easy accepts auxiliaries like mounted cameras or extra lights.


  • 1.5kW motor
  • Quick charger
  • Winter tyre/s (front wheels/all wheels)
  • Non-marking tyres


Dimensions ( L x W x H): 1450mm x 785mm x 1295mm/1329mm^

Tyres: 120/70 x 10 (front) 110/70 x 11 (rear)

Power: 1.2kW (standard), 1.5kW (optional)

Battery pack: options 1, 2 or 3 cell lithium ferro phosphate 48volts 30Ah

Speeds: Forward/Reverse. Infinite 0-25 km/h (normal), 0-16 km/h in EcoMode**

Brakes: 160mm disc (front), 200mm discs (2, rear), direct acting parking brake.

Weight: 100kg (Virto), 92kg (Virto S) plus battery (9.2 – 19.7kg)

Suspension travel: 50mm (front) 75mm (rear)

Lights etc: Headlight, rear light/brake lights, turn indicators, rear view mirrors (left/right), speedometer, odometer, battery indicator.


^Virto S/Virto to top of handlebar/headstock

*Specifications subject to change. Please confirm when ordering.  


Extend and maximise the utility of your Virto with accessories including:

·         Side cases: Quality lockable compartments ideal for documents, tools, specialist clothing or small cargo.

·         Towbar and trailer: Too easy – fingertip hook-up of a quality trailer chassis readily fitted with a box, tray or frame to suit your special needs. Smart alloy wheels match those of your Virto and quality easy-rolling bearings make hauling smaller loads no problem at all.

·         Golf bag carrier: Virto is idea for the golf course when you really want to get ‘a round’ faster! Step on – step off  - get on with your game. And with a higher eyeline than golf buggies it’s easier to spot your ball or your player opponents.

·         Special applications: Whether it’s writing parking tickets in Delft, wrangling traffic in Montreal or introducing tourists to Amsterdam Virto is the ideal platform for custom applications. Identifying colours, logos, signage, lighting and action cameras are readily accommodated. Complete technology packages encompassing evidence cameras, lights, sirens and GPS location verification have also been fitted to Virto for security and policing duties. Discuss your special needs with Virto Australia today.    


Demonstration machines are now available in Australia. For special applications (e.g. special events, short term projects and promotions) please contact Virto Australia.


Exclusive Australia and New Zealand Distributor Virto Australia Pty Ltd.


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International: +61 418 552541

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